The activities of ISIS in Pakistan are in news these days; arrests have been made from Sailkot and Lahore, and a women’s wing was also reported recruiting women and children to send them to Syria and Iraq through Iran. Police also got reports about kidnapping of some women and later these women informed their relatives through social media that they had safely reached Syria to practically work for ISIS.

A principal of an Islamic educational centre in Lahore was also reported to be among these women who later informed her family through telephone from Quetta that she was going to Syria for ISIS. Similar news was reported about the wife of a Federal Board of Revenue Superintendent, Mehr Hamid.

The media is giving too much hype to these incidents against the statement of Ministry of Foreign Affairs which states that there can be people in the country that may support the ideology of ISIS but it has no organizational setup in Pakistan. It is difficult to understand that what Pakistani media is trying to achieve by giving such unnecessary coverage to ISIS.

Moreover, some news channels analysts are commenting on and propagating the situation by twisting the reported ground realities. They said that some two to three of the ISIS activists, arrested from Daska, Punjab had remained associated with Jamat-ud-Dawa. However, these activists were clearly reported to be saying in media that they don’t agree with the anti-violence ideology of Jamat-ud-Dawa, so they left it and joined an organization that used force to implement their ideology.

In essence the question that arises is, what these few self-claimed ‘intellectuals’ of some TV channels had to do with on-ground realities? As the news regarding the arrest of these activities arrived, they got the chance to implement the Indian and American agenda in the country, and started painting all these organizations having same ideological basis through the media and that they need to be banned.  

To begin with, is there any logic to such comments? Everybody knows that Jamat-ud-Dawa Ameer Prof. Hafiz Saeed has always explicitly condemned suicide bombings and other terrorist attacks and declared them against the core teachings of Islam. And, Jamat-ud-Dawa has always run a very effective campaign against sectarianism and terrorism in the country which plays a leading role in uniting the nation.

The United States, Israel and India were jointly making efforts to make those groups and parties controversial which are proactively raising voices against the terror of massacring Muslims and making efforts for the unity of Muslims and promotion of Pakistani Ideology. Now, an intelligence report has also surfaced, confirming that Israeli intelligence agency Mossad is funding ISIS in Pakistan. Moreover, Indian intelligence agency RAW, which is working for ISIS in Afghanistan, is collaborating with Mossad for strengthening ISIS in Pakistan. Camps are being established near Pakistani border (Durrand line) to train terrorists for infiltration into Pakistan.

This clearly proves who is behind these conspiracies to propagate that Jamat-ud-Dawa workers are joining ISIS, and a proper planning was made for puppeteers to play the news in media. But, most unfortunate is the fact that some who are on American and Indian payroll, do not even hesitate to compromise the country’s national interests and propagate news against facts.

India has taken a very special interest in strengthening ISIS in Pakistan, and it is conspiring that the organizations which are raising voice for the independence of Kashmir, should be linked with the terrorist organizations to get the sympathy of the world. So, we have to fail this conspiracy as a consolidated nation through our unity and faith to uplift what is true and deject falsehood.

Furthermore, in Islam no Muslim has the right to declare another Muslim “non-believer”. It is a very sensitive issue, and Religious scholars should play an effective and leading role for saving the nation from this fitna (trial/tribulation). And it is those who are the black sheep of this nation who conspire in shaking the very core values of this great nation rather than those who defend it and uphold the principles it was built upon.

Linguist and researcher by profession. Special interest in regional security issues of South Asia. Focus on threat analysis of Pakistan. Mission is to play his part in uplifting & presenting the true narrative Pakistan. Editor-in-Chief and founder