When Narindra Modi had been elected as a Prime Minister of India there were two opinions in Pakistan about him and two in India. First opinion was:  Modi will create trouble for the Pakistani government in Pakistan as well as in the other parts of the World. Second, Modi is a help in disguise for Pakistan, he will show the true face of India to the World.

Indian people also voted him for two reasons only. First, they were impressed by Modi’s economic development policies in Gujrat and they expected that if Modi will become the Prime minister of India he will focus on the economic development of India. Second, the people of India especially the Hindu extremists thought that Modi will create problems for Pakistan, they voted him because of his anti-Pakistan policies and statements during his election campaign; his election campaign was full of anti-Pakistan speeches.

Today by analyzing entire scenarios one can find that most of the above opinions were true as expected by everyone but by analyzing every opinion it can be found that one opinion (Modi is a help in disguise for Pakistan) is true when it’s applied on all the above mentioned opinions. In reality Modi government proved that his government is the help in disguise for Pakistan.

Anti-Pakistan Modi

Modi hypocrite

Anti-Pakistan narratives are the trademark of BJP (Bharatia Janata Party), an improved version of Bharatia Janata Sangh and partner in crime with RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh). The illusions in the mind of some analysts and political parties of Pakistan of that Narendra Modi’s anti Pakistan statements in election campaign are just for votes, was immediately dispersed by the Modi Government by cancelling the Foreign Ministers meeting in New Delhi. Till today they are cancelling all kind of meetings by giving one or the other silly reasons.

Tension at LoC is high since Modi had been elected as the Prime minister of India. Every now and then Indian BSF (Border Security Forces) is violating the ceasefire and targeting the villagers.

Indian government completely denied Kashmir as India-Pakistan issue; India always shies away from the talks to resolve the issue of Kashmir by saying that Kashmir is the internal issue of India.

Terrorism in Pakistan by Indian Research & Analysis Wing (RAW) was at its peak before the operation Zarb-e-Azb and Karachi Operation. Many Indian officials including head of National Security Council, Ajeet Doval admitted that they are creating problems for Pakistan by helping the terrorist organizations like TTP and BLA.


One way or the other all the above mentioned threats from India helped Pakistan in regaining ground in the International scenario, proving that Modi’s policies are help in disguise for Pakistan. How?


Due to the cancellation of talks by India several times Pakistan raised the issue of recent United Nations session and once again highlighted the issue in front of the world leaders. This was not done from long time because Pakistan was trying its best to resolve this issue in bilateral discussions but frequent Indian denial once again gave a chance to Pakistan to raise this issue in United Nations.


International media which was quite on the violations of human rights of Indian Armed forces in Kashmir for long time once again started taking interest in highlighting the human rights violations of Indian armed forces in Kashmir.

bd police torture women 4



As far as the Indian claims of Kashmir is India’s internal issue are concerned the decision of High Court of Indian Occupied Kashmir that Indian Occupied Kashmir was never integrated into India exposed the hollowness of Indian claims.

Terrorism in Pakistan Exposed

Pakistan always had evidence of India’s role in promoting terrorism in Pakistan. In 2009, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani handed over dossiers containing evidence of Indian activities in Pakistan to Manmohan Singh during a meeting at Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt. As Pakistan was interested in resolving all such issues in bilateral talks, Pakistan never presented the evidence of Indian involvement in terror activities at any international forum.

Now when years have been passed and Indian government is continuously neglecting the peace talks, Pakistan opted for exposing India’s role in the terror activities in Pakistan at international forum like United Nations.

Indian Economy

Improvement in Indian economy was the hope of most of Indian People who voted for Narendra Modi because Economy was on the top of Modi’s government agenda but Indian National Congress’s recently issued report analyzing the economy of India during the Modi government states that Indian export went down by 25% in 2014

  • Cumulative exports this year have come down by nearly 17.36%.
  • 20,000 people have lost their jobs in the diamond polishing sector
  • 20,000 people have lost their jobs in the leather industry
  • Engineering goods export declined by 24% in Aug-2015
  • Rice exports gone down by 21% this year.
  • Exports of Ready Made garments gone down by 12 % in Sep-2015

On the other hand his visits to US and UAE in which he tried to sign different contracts which till now remained limited to some verbal announcements only. This also affected the economy of India as Narendra Modi was not able to convince the business giants of US and government of UAE to invest in India.

True Face of India

This is the only thing that Modi government managed to achieve in last year or two. Violence, intolerance, narrow-mindedness, forcefulness is at the peak at this time India. People are killed on rumors only. Modi government has taken off the mask of secular state from the face of India and showed the real face of India to the world that Pakistan always tried to expose.

cow worship

Khaled Almaeena a well-known journalist in Middle East wrote in his recent article that

“In fact India is a major exporter of beef and since the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has come to power, beef exports have actually increased. To me the RSS is like Daesh (the self-proclaimed IS). They kill and encourage fanaticism. India has numerous problems, the least of which is eating beef! Let the harbingers of hate channelize India’s energy to fight corruption, disease, hunger and alleviate the sufferings of the common man.”

Many others in India are now realizing that why Muhammad Ali Jinnah created Pakistan. Recently J&K MLA Abdul Rashid praised foresightedness of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and appreciated his decision of creating Pakistan when was attacked by Hindu mob in Kashmir. “I salute Jinnah that he created a separate Pakistan because he knew that they will not let Muslims live in India,” he said.


It’s easy to conclude from the above mentioned facts and figures that everything that’s happening in India is helping Pakistan; Modi government has proved that they are the help in disguise for Pakistan many analysts predicted. At the same time government of Pakistan is also gaining some momentum. China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has opened some new opportunities for Pakistan. Different countries of the World including UK, US and Middle Eastern countries are willing to invest in CPEC.

As India is not interested in talks it’s the high time to provide all the evidence of Indian involvement in the terrorist activities in Pakistan to the UN and international media. If India is not interested in bilateral discussions we should use the international forums to highlight the core issue of Kashmir.

Today, when the Muslims of India are also realizing that Jinnah was right, his two nation’s theory was right this is a lesson for those so called secular analysts who question the intentions of Jinnah. Who are still confused that was Jinnah right when he separated a piece of land for Muslims and named it Pakistan?

After the fall of Dhanka, Indira Gandhi bragged: “We have taken the revenge of a thousand years” and “we have drowned the two-nation theory in the Bay of Bengal.” Today Indian’s are accepting that Jinnah was right. Two Nations theory was right. The same theory that was drowned by Indira Gandhi in 1971 is haunting the Indians. On the other hand the mask of secularism that Gadhi put on the face of Hindu India 67 years ago has been removed by Narendra Modi and the real face of India is on display in every state of India.

Linguist and researcher by profession. Special interest in regional security issues of South Asia. Focus on threat analysis of Pakistan. Mission is to play his part in uplifting & presenting the true narrative Pakistan. Editor-in-Chief and founder www.groundzero.pk