An indigestible truth

The subject in discussion is the New York Times editorial The Pakistan Nuclear Nightmare. Title of the editorial suggests it all, yes you will have nightmares if you know the one you are trying to knock down can do the same to you. Lot of customary questions and allegations were being posted by the editors in this article notably legality, authenticity, safety and the origin of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal, their curiosity took them somewhat further down the rabbit-hole than they initially intended and though apparently they have dirtied their fluffy white tails but it looks like they have emerged “enlightened”, of course they like to think so.

From a naked eye it really is astonishing how concerned the world is about Pakistani nuclear assets, their “heartfelt” concerns, their “opinions”, and their “apprehensions” everything is so “humane” about it in nature that sometimes one starts to feel may be they are right, maybe there is something wrong, something which few “enlighten ones” of our own desperately want us to believe, normally first they would come up with economic trivia, that Pakistan’s economy has been burdened for a long time because of carrying the load of establishing and maintaining sophisticated nuclear program, than they try to bring “reason” into consideration but beneath their mask of logic there is a sense a fragility which worries me, The fear, the dread, the anticipation, it’s all bound to start a journey which will twist the very fabric of nature, steel your mind folks or by the time you realize that you made it all possible, it will be last sane thought in your heads.

From regional, national security stand point, Pakistani nukes are insurance policy for a potential scenario that if someone in Delhi gets madder than usual then Pakistan will make sure that the availability of the “cure” is in reach or in this case more appropriately the “The Shock Treatment” is ready to bring about sanity in Chankya Puri, one clearly noticed that mere imagination of this “treatment” seems to be working fine on Dehli’s part, halfhearted Indian pull outs from several possible full scale conflicts during the rifts of 1984, 1987, 1999, 2002 and 2008 are the examples when despite presence of deep urges Indian hegemony had to give in to the facts that whatever number of armored division which will roll across the border into Pakistan will become “hot” remains of something what Indian security establishment termed as cold start.

NY Times’ current editorial expressed concerns over safety of Pakistani nuclear plants and completely dismayed the fact that ever since Pakistani nuclear program has been started there is hardly a significant reported incident from plant safety perspective but on the other hand  there is a huge list which tells us if there is a safety issue its not in Pakistan, they have to open their eyes and look for the facts, below are links to some sources mentioning frequency and details of actual nuclear safety issues around the globe. List of nuclear power accidents by country.

Coming to proliferation aspect of the NY Times’ article, again NY Times presents confirmation of clear biased double standards in their attitude, that too for a long time now, it’s not the first instance that western media is overly exaggerating a case in which the sole intent of a Nation was to make sure the acquirement of a deterrence, a desperate security measure  of a State which is constantly threaten and even dissected by a 5 times larger hostile neighbor while completely looking the other way in more legitimate instance of proliferation when it comes to one of the most irresponsible and rouge nations on the planet, Israel, The exotic tale of the bomb hidden in the desert is a real story only difference between fiction and fact is that it was not Iraq or Iran, its Israel. In an extraordinary feat of trickery, deception and manipulation, Israelis managed to accumulate an entire underground nuclear arsenal and even tested a bomb nearly half a century ago, with a minimum of international outcry or even much public awareness of what it was doing.

If NY Times wants to look objectively into a real proliferation instance they should stop scratching the surface and dig a little deep on proliferation activities of infamous Israeli spy ring “Lakam” the Hebrew acronym for the innocuous-sounding Science Liaison Bureau which included several prominent public figures such as Arnon Milchan, a billionaire Hollywood producer who proactively coordinated with Israeli Agents charged with buying fissile material and state-of-the-art technology which ultimately found their way into some of the most sensitive industrial establishments in the world. It organized the vanishing of an entire freighter full of uranium ore in the middle of the Mediterranean. In what became known as the Plumbat affair.

The list of nations that secretly sold Israel the material and expertise to make nuclear warheads, or who turned a blind eye to its theft, include today’s staunchest campaigners against proliferation: the US, France, Germany, Britain and even Norway. Role of French scientists in establishing Israel’s top secret Dimona nuclear reactor is now an open secret, in fact by the end of the 50s, there were 2,500 French citizens living in Dimona, transforming it from a village to a cosmopolitan town, complete with French lycées and streets full of Renaults, and yet the whole endeavor was conducted under a thick veil of secrecy, British played their part too by supplying the rouge nation with tones of heavy water.

Question remains the same that in presence of such eye opening accounts of alarming nuclear proliferation and safety violation why only Pakistani nukes and Pakistani nuclear power plants are subjected to controversy and question? What is so special about Pakistan and its nuclear arsenal? Why NY Times had to mention Pakistan’s “long range” missile technology? Well there’s nothing more elusive than an obvious fact and fact of the matter is besides validating Indian hegemony in south Asia Uncle Sam also wants nothing even remotely threatening for his dear nephew, i.e. Israel, try to draw a sketch, what is going around in Middle East? Every potential threat to Israeli security has been dismantled one by one, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Egypt Jordan, Yemen and Iran everyone has bitten the dust, if not militarily then ideologically and politically, from Pakistan’s perspective India is merely playing in the hands of international grand game of bringing about a global Zionist regime in power and in their dire hate for Pakistan Indian security establishment is succumbing to the Israeli role play of being next ruling state of the world, ambitious to rule the world, not from Washington but from Jerusalem. Publically they will deny any religious motives behind targeting the Pakistani atomic assets but it’s a truth which is shrewdly scattered in pieces all around us, like a jig saw puzzle which can only be visible if you try to look at it from a distance and attempt to connect the pieces, if one does so and see the global chain of events and connects the dots he will find that  Only thing stands in Israel’s way to become the global ruling state is Pakistan’s nuclear capability, a state which is direct answer to the Israeli tyranny.

Israel’s ever anticipated golden calf is getting ready behind the curtains, every move of chess board is pointing to his coming, we see the fog, we witness the smoke but the larger picture still eludes us.