Terrorists, in ungoverned spaces, disseminate poisonous propaganda and training materials to attract troubled souls around the world to their cause. This statement by FBI director James Comey might have been meant for a different audience, but it fits Pakistan perfectly.

On 13th February a suicide bomber exploded in Lahore, martyring 13 including DIG traffic police Captain (R) Ahmed Mobin and SSP Zahid Gondal of Punjab Police.

On 13 February, the same day, an IED martyred 2 Bomb disposal Squad members in Quetta. In the same city in early January 3 FC soldiers were also killed by an IED.

The Lahore blast was committed by Jamaatul-Ahrar (JA) which is a TTP branch (Afghanistan based terror group). JA is led by Abdul Wali aka Omar Khalid Khorasani. The captured deputy leader of TTP, Latifullah Mehsud, revealed in a video tape confession back in early 2016 that India paid Abdul Wali for attacks on Pakistan.

Even after the mountains of evidence presented, even after the confessions of Kulbhushan Yadav & Latifullah Mehsud, the liberal left treats NDS & RAW as if they are NGOs like Edhi foundation saving humanity & refuses to name or shame them

On February 15th two more JA bombers attacked Mohmand Agency at Afghan Border. One was killed before reaching his target.

The Sehwan Shrine attack & The Feb 14th Attack in Quetta were claimed by ISIS (IS Khorasan), which is also based in Afghanistan & has successfully held territory in Nangarhar Province for about 2 years now & runs own schools & taxation system in the area few kilometres from the gigantic Jalalabad base.

The January Quetta IED & February 16th IED attacks were claimed by the so called Baloch Liberation Army. BLA is allied with BSO & BRA. BRA is led by Brahamdagh Bugti, who is currently “seeking” asylum in India. BRA has also been involved in target killings & bombings. On February 16th , 3 soldiers were martyred by another IED in Awaran by BLF.

One might assume that everyone from across the political spectrum of Pakistan would condemn all these attacks, & stand behind our troops & civilian victims but this is Pakistan. Here we face Mullahs & Liberals (Mulliberals), extremists of opposite poles. In Pakistan the far right & the far left are nothing but two sides of the same subversive coin.

kulbhushan Yadav, an active service Commander of the Indian Army, has confessed India’s involvement in supporting Terror outfits in Balochistan

Immediately after the attack some typical conspiracy theories were hurled against the victim, Pakistan. Some called it a Pakistan Army attempt to keep violence alive to increase its budget. If that was the case Pakistan should be having some $25 billion budget by now not 7, Considering the size & equipment, even Afghanistan military is better funded than Pakistan’s.

Another narrative suggested the strategic depth argument, but maybe they have forgotten that a nuclear Pakistan doesn’t need strategic depth.

Latifullah Mehsud, a senior commander with the Pakistani Taliban, confessed to the involvement of India & Afghanistan in sponsoring terror in Pakistan

Even after the mountains of evidence presented, even after the confessions of Kulbhushan Yadav & Latifullah Mehsud, the liberal left treats NDS & RAW as if they are NGOs like Edhi foundation saving humanity & refuses to name or shame them. The far right Mullahs like Abdul Aziz also refused to name NDS or RAW. For them TTP & ISIS are heroes, just like the far left they will never link TTP & ISIS to India or Afghanistan because for them they are the heroes who can do no wrong and moreover who would want to criticize massive monetary and tactical assistance along with huge piles of weapons for the so-called saviours of humanity aka TTP,ISIS and JA.

In short the narrative from the left/liberals: Pakistan is responsible for Afghanistan based Indian funded Mullah Terror. While Afghan based & Indian funded leftist terror isn’t terror at all. One is compelled to ponder on the vastness of the word ‘Extremism’.

On the other hand according to the right wing Mullahs, Pakistan is responsible for leftist/liberal terror while it deserves the far right wing violence which isn’t terror as per their twisted ideology.

We all know how bloody the far right Mullahs have been by costing this nation with thousands of precious lives but the far left liberal extremists almost always use the Mullah’s existence to justify their own existence, their own subversive narratives & hide their own violence. Yes, Violence! This is the vicious cycle in which both indirectly facilitate each other.

Liberals & seculars in Pakistan are not the liberals you would normally expect. In Pakistan they are not anti-Racists. They are the ethno-fascists. They are not Progressive & Anti-feudal. But they are literally feudal themselves. They are not Anti-Taliban or ISIS. They are Taliban & ISIS without beards and their weapons are their fierce tongues with which they unleash an unparalleled power of branding anyone disagreeing with them as an apostate. On the other end same would be true of the Takfiri/Kharaji Mullahs who would brand anyone disagreeing with them as Kafir (non-believer) thus justify killing them.

The narrative of “Peaceful Seculars & Liberals”

A false narrative has been cultivated around the left in Pakistan through the biased media. The narrative that they are the victims, that they preach & practice nonviolence & are opposing the far right Mullahs. But reality is far from it and to analyse it lets take a trip through the memory lane.

The hijackers were not the Mullahs, but “peaceful nonviolent liberals” of PSF led by Mir Murtaza Bhutto. His Al-Zulfiqar group was the first organised terror group of Pakistan’s history.

In 1981, a terrorist group hijacks Pakistani PIA Boeing 720 airplane, murders an officer on board in cold blood, his body was thrown on the tarmac where he bled to death. The hijackers were not the Mullahs, but “peaceful nonviolent liberals” of PSF led by Mir Murtaza Bhutto. His Al Zulfiqar group was the first organised terror group of Pakistan’s history. The plane was diverted to communist Afghanistan & the group enjoyed full support from the then Afghan intelligence ‘KHAD’.

Al Zulfiqar didn’t stop there, it committed the biggest terror attacks in the 80s, like the 1987 Lahore and Karachi bombings which killed more than 72 Pakistanis and injured 250 others.

Today Murtaza bhutto & his leftist terrorists are glorified by leftists & called Shaheed (martyr). His death anniversary is celebrated as if he was Abdul Sattar Edhi, no heed is paid to the families of victims as they watch helplessly. How is this any different from Munawar Hassan of Jamat-e-Islami calling Hakimullah Mehsud a Shaheed (martyr)?

Al Zulfiqar wasn’t alone in that era, Marri militants & National Awami Party among others were also responsible for a string of violence in Balochistan & KPK (then NWFP) from their training camps in Communist Afghanistan.

Now you might think 80s & 90s were decades ago, they might have changed their course, if you haven’t witnessed Pakistani liberalism & secularism you are in for a surprise.

Back then & even Today the largest militant wings (terror wings) belong to liberal & secular left. From MQM to PPP to ANP, all cultivated their own gang outfits & started a violent campaign across the streets of Karachi & especially Liyari. Tens of thousands fell victims to their violence. But how many times have you heard a desi liberal call PPP, ANP & MQM terrorist organizations?

This violence has only been recently dented by Rangers Operation in Karachi, and as you can guess the desi liberals have been ferociously against it. Dozens of Anti Rangers articles published, protests organized in Europe, Anti Pakistan slogans chanted. But not a word against the leftist violence. Same is the scenario of Lal masjid clerics, who cheer lead Taliban attacks on Pakistan & call TTP terrorists, victims or heroes.

Other terror groups the left is in love with are secular feudal terror outfits in Balochistan. Leftists like Jibran nasir calls banned terror group BSO “peaceful”, while others call them victims. Are they the victims or Pashtun & Punjabi workers who get murdered for their ethnicity? Illyas Khan with BBC even called the ethnic butchers, “secular activists”. He even blamed Pakistan for all these attacks. They are as “activists” as Fazlullah, just with shorter beards.

Really Mr Illyas? Pakistan is backing ISIS, TTP, BLF, BLA & BSO? Remove your tinfoil hats for god’s sake.

The leftists also criticize Pakistan for working with China on development projects & like Taliban spread the false narrative that “Pakistan is in league with Anti-Islam China”. How romantically involved they are, like two darlings with different outfits but the same lover.

And they do all this behind the veil of Freedom of speech, the left cheer leading a war on Pakistan is not freedom of speech but incitement of violence. Everyday false pictures are shown as “Pakistan committing war crimes in FATA & Balochistan”, one example is Marvi Sarmad spreading pictures of US drone victims as the victims of “Pakistan’s chemical attacks”. Is it not an attempt to incite violence in FATA & help Taliban’s propaganda? Such fake fuel ignites the nascent minds into turning rogue and become suicide bombers.

The intolerant left like Mullah also tries to discredit those who do not agree with them. They termed Imran Khan “Taliban Khan” for proposing peace talks with TTP, but what will they call themselves? Since the leftist PPP & ANP are the only one who actually made a deal with TTP in 2009 & handed over Swat to them, Fazlullah’s father in law Sufi Mohammad was released to appease Taliban.

Mulliberals’ (Mullahs and Liberals) aim is to discredit & destroy the moderates. According to them you are either a Kafir or a suicide bomber/Jihadi.

The Madrassas of Mullah & NGOs of liberals are funded by foreigners while they both preach their own supremacist violent narratives in Pakistan meanwhile the state is too afraid of foreign criticism to deal with them head on. The pro-secular terror instigator ‘Bhensa’ was never arrested. No real attempt made to bring the warlords sitting in Switzerland to justice. Abdul Aziz roaming freely.

The only difference between Mullahs & Liberals is that Mullahs are wolves while Liberals are wolves in sheep’s clothing. While the state is sheep in sheep clothing, & the wolves know this & are tearing the flesh of Pakistan’s unity.

Note: The cartoon image featuring the article is drawn by the author himself. GoundZero appreciates author’s permission to use the illustration.