Indian media cries as PM Nawaz talks to his military secretary in casual manner

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was observing reaction on the conclusion of his address at the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) Summit and his mic was still on when his military secretary Brigadier Akmal Aziz, who is part of the PM’s staff according to protocol and was sitting beside him, drew PM’s attention to it and he turned it off.

As it was shown live on TV, some Indian analysts presented it in extremely negative light and said the PM speaks after taking advice from the military. In their poisonous comments, those so-called analysts also went to the extent of saying that there is no use of talks with Nawaz Sharif as he gets all instructions from the military as is ‘visible’ in the picture. They even concluded that Nawaz Sharif is out of India’s reach due to this reason.

India’s propaganda on this episode generated an interesting debate on the social media. Comments on the social media pointed out that on one hand, India is calling Nawaz Sharif a puppet of the military, while at the same time, the Pakistani media is calling the PM the friend of Modi and hence a traitor.

Friend make some decision. Under the Russian alphabetical order, Nawaz Sharif made his address at the SCO after Modi address. The picture, which is being pointed out is taken after both the addresses and getting guidance from the military at that juncture was out of the question.