Hussain Nawaz’s photo leaked by Saad Rafique’s nephew, claims senior journalist

ISLAMABAD – A senior journalist has claimed to reveal the name of the person involved in leaking picture of Hussain Nawaz sitting before joint investigation team (JIT), probing money trail of Sharif family under Panama verdict.

Journalist Choudhry Ghulam Hussain, while talking to a news channel alleged that Hammad Javed is behind the scene who is making propaganda against the JIT by leaking photo and news.

He also claimed Hammad is the nephew of Railways Minister Khawaja Saad Rafiq and attached with a JIT member Bilal Rasool.

The journalist also alleged that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was also planning to resign from the office.

Photo on Social Media

A leaked photo that shows Prime Nawaz Sharif’s son Hussain Nawaz sitting in the Joint Investigation Team’s (JIT) interrogation room has gone viral on the social media.

The photo that apparently dates back to May 28 shows Hussain Nawaz sitting on a chair undergoing an interrogation by JIT that includes a panel of officers of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), MI, SBP, SECP and NAB.

However, it is immensely intriguing as to who leaked the footage from inside the interrogation room as it makes the JIT susceptible to speculations over its credibility and arrangements of security. It can be very likely that someone from inside the building leaked the footage as an outsider doesn’t have any access to such data amidst the strict security arrangements.

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