6th sep 1965

It was a tough war-stricken day for the pilot, but one thing he knew for sure was that the game wasn’t over yet. The rest will be anytime but now. Indian jets were soaring in the air like annoying, gigantic mosquitoes. The pilot was determined to fight till his last breath. After all, what is the worst that could happen? The sky was blue and the targets were clear.

“No time to think”, the pilot thought to himself, and without wasting more time, he carefully cleared his line of fire, and blasted the airborne machine bullets into the midst of the Indian warplanes, which had dared to challenge the Muslims of Pakistan once again. He could not resist- it was like a delicious plate of free food, which ought to be eaten up. The Indian pilots were bewildered, and started buzzing furiously. To their surprise, another gift of F-86 Sabre bullets blasted past them, and destroyed another Indian plane into pieces. The firing continued and ended up in five Indian warplanes being reduced into rubble in less than a minute, with the first four being destroyed within 30 seconds-a world record to this day.

F 86 saber

The pilot was M M Alam, a respected man among his friends, specializing in F-86 Sabre warplane, and a master of air-to-air combat. He made history on the 7th of September, 1965, after the aforementioned air-combat, and made the citizens of Pakistan proud. He remained loyal to the Islamic ideology of Pakistan, even though he was of Bengali descent.

M M Alam was amongst the many Pakistani soldiers who not only witnessed, but actively participated in the 1965 war, that is remembered to this day, and named as “Defense day”. The war was not only a clash of two nations, but a clash of two civilizations- a war between ideologies. On one hand, we had the Islamic ideology of La ilaaha illallah, the slogan of Pakistan and the cry of all the Muslims in the Sub-Continent, an ideology that took mankind out from the worship of creation into the worship of one Supreme Being, the Creator of Heavens and the Earth, Allah Almighty. An ideology which refused to succumb to a polytheistic India, the homeland of an old civilization that feels proud in worshipping a plethora of gods that are shaped as elephants, snakes, lions, and naked beings, carved out by human hands and sold in markets. A belief that stipulates a widow to be burned alive, that offers sacrifices to evil saints, and that propagates incarnation as a reality-that is the transferring of human souls into rats, dogs, and insects.


Morning news 1965

Yes, the Islamic ideology was worth defending. The sacrifices of tens of thousands of Muslims were behind its formation. It was a responsibility, a huge one. Allah had gifted the Muslims with a special zeal and determination, which could not be found in the ranks of Indian soldiers.

This war was basically a culmination of skirmishes that took place between April 1965 and September 1965 between Pakistan and India. The Pakistanis successfully defended Sialkot, Lahore and other vital areas of Muslim territory.

 In January 2000, two years past after the atomic tests, U.S. intelligence officials stated that previous intelligence estimates “overstated the capabilities of India’s homegrown arsenal and understate those of Pakistan”.

By Allah’s Grace, Pakistan has a vast range of missiles, nuclear warheads, aircrafts and other military wonders that are a cause of huge frustration in the Western and Indian think-tanks.  In January 2000, two years past after the atomic tests, U.S. intelligence officials stated that previous intelligence estimates “overstated the capabilities of India’s homegrown arsenal and understate those of Pakistan”. But what is on record is enough to destroy the morale of India and other enemies of Pakistan.

Due to its ideology and military capacity, Pakistan is looked upon by the Ummah as a savior and hope. It is not surprising therefore, to check out chapters from history and see examples of Islamic brotherhood that prevails deeply in our forces. During the so-called ‘Six Day War‘ (1967) which generated American Jewish support for the Zionist entity for the first time – Pakistani pilot Saiful Azam joined the Jordanian Air force. On June 5, Saiful Azam engaged four Israeli jets over Jordanian Mafraq air base. He shot down a Mystére commanded by Israeli pilot H. Boleh and damaged another that crash-landed in Israeli territory. Two days later, Jordanian air force commander sent Saiful Azam to help Iraqi air force. While piloting the Iraqi Hunter Azam shot down two of the Israeli attacking planes. Pakistani pilots shot down a total of ten Israeli jets during 1967 war without losing a pilot or aircraft!


We should keep in mind that defense is a crucial factor in determining the integrity of a nation. From history, we know that our Prophet’s e military endeavors included sophisticated defense tactics and even clever engineering (for example the digging of trench around Madinah). We should take lessons from Islamic history and take all steps necessary to defend the honor, blood and wealth of Muslims not only in Pakistan, but everywhere in the world. It is the duty of Pakistan armed forces to show courage in front of the enemies of Islam, and be steadfast in countering the malicious plots of India, Israel and the West, which have spared no chance to scheme against the Fortress of Islam, Pakistan.