Blasts in Afghanistan, Kabul’s, Khair Khana, 18 killed

Three blasts took place in the city near a cemetery where Senator Ezadyar's son is being buried.

Security forces stand next to a crater created by massive explosion in front of the German Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, Wednesday, May 31, 2017. The suicide truck bomb hit a highly secure diplomatic area of Kabul killing scores of people and wounding hundreds more. (AP Photos/Rahmat Gul)

At least 18 persons have been reported killed in a blast at Afghanistan’s Khair Khana. As per the report, three blasts took place in the city near a cemetery where Senator Ezadyar’s son is being buried. The report said that Ezadyar’s son was killed in the mass rally in Kabul on Friday after security forces opened fire on demonstrators. Security forces have now cordoned off the cemetery area and have advised people to avoid the area.

Reuters, quoting a witness, reported that 12 people had been killed and 18 wounded. Afghanistan’s Tolo News television reported that as many as 18 were killed.

“We don’t know what caused the explosions. Initial reports show 15 people have been killed and wounded,” interior ministry spokesman Najib Danish said on Twitter.  The funeral was attended by senior Afghan government officials including Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah, but his office told AFP that he was unhurt.

Kabul city remained in lockdown on Saturday with armed checkpoints and armoured vehicles patrolling the streets to prevent a repeat of yesterday’s protests. Hundreds of demonstrators demanding President Ashraf Ghani’s resignation clashed with police on Friday. The action prompted the officials to beat them back with live rounds in the air, tear gas and water cannon.

“Any government attempt to disrupt our fair and just demonstration will show their complicity with terrorist groups and the perpetrators of Wednesday’s attack,” said Asif Ashna, a spokesman for the protesters.  “It is the duty of the government to ensure security to the protesters… and the government will be held responsible for any violence,” he added.

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