The ideology of Pakistan is derived from the ‘Kalima’ i.e, words of “La ilaha il Allah” (None has the right to be worshiped except Allah alone), and this statement and message was the one which the Prophets of Allah (Peace and blessings be upon them) based their entire message and call on. The Messenger of Allah (SAW) made clear to everyone that it is this Kalima that whenever anyone recites it, internalizes it and starts acting upon it, then through it they would be made victors over the lands of the Arabs as well as the non-Arabs. The Prophet (SAW) presented to the world, a true application of the words ‘La ilaha il Allah’ in the form of a central Muslim government that would serve as a role model for all times to come.

When British Raj in India started to crumble the Hindus sought to obtain the rule over India themselves, leaving nothing for the Muslims. It is at that time Allama Iqbal realized the dire nature of the situation and presented the two nation theory in his speech in 1930. He showed the Indian Muslims a way, and it is this two nation theory that became the basis for the ‘Nazria-e-Pakistan’ (ideology of Pakistan), with which Muslims of this region rose with.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah carried this ‘Nazria’ as the basis for this movement while the Muslims of the subcontinent united behind this ideology and its flag bearer, Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Just as the Messenger of Allah (SAW) made Medina as the first Islamic state and changed the world through it, we have to embark on a similar journey through Pakistan. Just as the call of the Muslims of the subcontinent was ‘Pakistan ka matlab kia? La ilaha il Allah!’ the same words that became to be known as ‘Nazria-e-Pakistan which united them and laid clear their goals and settled their differences.

At last on 23 March 1940 the Muslims of the Subcontinent passed a unanimous resolution for the creation of Pakistan. A country that would follow in the footsteps of the State of Medina. This was the blessing of the ‘Kalima’ on which the ideology of Pakistan was based on, that in just a short period of 7 years, Pakistan had come into being, looking at the world history no country was created in such a short span. The Hindus, despite alliance and support from the British, had to acknowledge it.

The Hindus alongside the British tried to alter the geographical boundaries of the newly formed Pakistan, by forcibly taking over Kashmir depriving us of our rivers, trying to make us economically dependent on the Hindus. Just as in Kashmir, they restrained Hyderabad, Junagadh, Manawadar, Ahmedabad, Calcutta, Mumbai and Punjab’s areas of Gurdaspur to Amritsar from joining Pakistan, which were all Muslim majority areas. Plots and conspiracies continued still, until they managed to instigate a rebellion in East Pakistan and then entered their forces to take over East Pakistan. Upon which Indira Gandhi commented that we have drowned Nazria-e-Pakistan into the gulf of Bengal.

Subsequently, they have based all their future plots upon the same strategy like instigating separatist movements inside Baluchistan and Pakistan’s tribal areas following the centuries old British tactic ‘divide and rule’. During the illegal US-NATO occupation of Afghanistan, India grabbed another window of opportunity. The U.S and NATO supported India in plotting against Pakistan and instigated different clandestine movements within it. Takfiri movements and suicide bombings all over the country had been part of this plot trying to create 1971 like conditions to enter their forces to occupy a destabilized Pakistan. This is the advantage India sought to take from US & NATO forces entering into Afghanistan.

By the grace of Allah, U.S and NATO forces left Afghanistan after having suffered a terrible and humiliating defeat. India’s hopes and dreams went along with them. Pakistan managed to grasp a hold of the situation in the right nick of time and created a strong line of defence, Alhamdulillah, and whatever was required to safeguard Pakistan was done by our armed forces and the people, by forging a powerful and capable resistance.

Nevertheless, as we see the unfolding of events, it becomes clear to us that the ideology of Pakistan is being revived once again and Muslims must use these opportunities to stand up upholding the Kalima of La ilaha il Allah, as their guiding ideology. You can see that right in the centre of Srinagar, Pakistan se Rishta Kya, La ilaha il Allah slogans are echoed. Pakistani flags are raised, solidarity is expressed and people’s attachment to Nazria-e-Pakistan can be witnessed everywhere.

Consequently, the destruction of Babri Masjid, the Gujrat and Ahmedabad slaughter of Muslims, Modi’s aggressive policies against Pakistan & the Muslims have all further spread Nazria-e-Pakistan. The conditions are changing and India’s on the back foot, Slogans of ‘Pakistan Zindabad (long live Pakistan) are being heard everywhere, and the day is not far when entire India would be filled with sights of Pakistani flags.


Indeed the time for a grand Muslim revival has begun Alhamdulillah and Pakistan will eventually lead the Ummah. We need to make Pakistan a true Islamic state modelled after the state of Medina that becomes a practical application of Islam, making it a beautiful country that becomes such a genuine guarantor of Rights of Muslims and even the non-Muslims. Those are the conditions we wish to create in Pakistan and the level on which we wish to see it stand. This is our methodology and the meaning that the slogan of Pakistan Ka Matlab Kia, La ilaha il Allah carries.

As far as the problems facing Pakistan are concerned all of the solutions once again lie in Nazria-e-Pakistan, as the call to this ideology is raised it would help establish unity amongst us, the Ummah would come together. Plots of the enemies would be foiled on this basis, and all of the trials and tribulations faced by Pakistan such as sectarian violence, Muslims killing each other, or serving hostile external agenda in the name of religion, all of this can be solved if we hold on to Nazria-e-Pakistan.

It is our call to every Kashmiri Muslim brother and even non-Muslim Kashmiris who live there to realise that Islam is the religion that guarantees peace and freedom. This is the ideology of Pakistan, so realize that Pakistan is a historical gift, it has a clear mission before it and by the help of Allah and His blessings that mission would soon be fulfilled, when Kashmir becomes a part of Pakistan, and when this movement spreads to Hyderabad Deccan, when from Mumbai to Calcutta to Punjab and eastern Punjab all would be reverberating with echoes of La ilaha il Allah, and the Muslims would once again stand united.

Pakistan continues to exist as a reality. It has become a nuclear power and is on its way to lead the Islamic world. It is the country which, with the Help and Blessings of Allah, has defeated two greatest superpowers of the world, and it is by this right that it should be able to play a leadership role among the Islamic world, and help solve the problems and crisis faced by the Ummah, to become a protector of the rights of the Muslims of the subcontinent, this is the responsibility of this country and in-sha-Allah (if Allah Wills) it would fulfil that role.