Albert Einstein has perfectly said;

“More the knowledge lesser the ego, lesser the knowledge more the ego.”

Knowledge does not mean having higher degrees of education. Unfortunately, most of our education studies are information based; devoid of lessons which may foster creative thinking. To me, knowledge allows a human being to think rationally upon a particular doctrine before taking it for granted. If the purpose of education is to know solely facts and figures, then I think, human beings with such a characteristic should be supplanted by computers. Sadly, a vast majority of people in Pakistan are not motivated to stretch out their intelligence muscles due to substandard education system, since they live in the vicious circle of narcissism, egoism and sadism.

I’m not accusing Pakistan of being sick and without any knowledge, however, I observed that most of us are unlettered and impolite. Ranging from teachers teaching in schools, colleges and perhaps universities to physicians in hospitals, high-ups of law enforcement agencies, shopkeepers-customers, friends and relatives, are almost all caught in the snare of their strong egotistic tentacles. Often times, they talk and behave with each other in a way, as if they are step relatives.

To start with, teachers never tolerate criticism against their reptilian selfhood. Doctors behave with the patients like masters. Shopkeepers have not yet realized that the method to earn well is to behave politely with the customers and vice versa. Like once a man was buying some fruits from a shopkeeper when the latter could not justly pay attention to his order, as the salesperson was busy with some other customers. The man got infuriated—as he found himself snubbed—saying, “How dare you could act like that! A shopkeeper should behave like a woman.” This mainly accepted standard of enslaving poor shopkeepers, by granting them same status as women enjoy reveal the height of his misogynistic standards.

Women in the west and rest are too engaged in their back-to-back activities that make them unaware of fights, plights and backbites.

Idleness of women and men in various rustic areas of Pakistan has opened ways to their dwellers’ collective melancholy, therefore, they never stay peaceful, happy and healthy.

If importance of education is sensitized inside each and every family, the ratio of uneducated people, sadistic nature, constant fiasco, and tempo tantrum will decline to a larger extent. For example, many educated Pakistanis’ families live a peaceful life rather than the mere traditional families. As a matter of fact, the latter envision things beyond the common vision, which allow them to visualize broadly for themselves and their posterity.

Males are no exception. Although, the ratio of employment is somewhat changing day by day, but in fact, unlike their women who are restricted to their homes, males are also caged in the confinement of their villages. They do not think afar. Sitting on a bridge over a canal or elsewhere in streets, the idle guys pass comments over every single passer-by woman. Even, a man if leaves this idle company, is not spared from their unwanted discussion.

There is an infamous story of some guys who were sitting beside a sugarcane heap, playing cards, whereupon an English man, escorted by his Pakistani friends, greeted this folk. It was early in the morning while the white guy bade them ‘hello’ but was flabbergasted on his return in the twilight when he observed the same boys at the same place playing cards, and peeling off sugarcanes to chop down sugarcane bites. He imagined that only God can make them meet their needs, otherwise that’s beyond comprehension to keep sitting idle, and yet eat to your fill.

Inclination towards quality education for both boys and girls is if not forthwith ensured. The succeeding generation of Pakistan will never stop wailing under the dead weight of ignorance, starvation, backwardness, and eternal despondency. All the local sulking politicians who contest on substituting languages as medium of education should instead draft an enduring roadmap for the wellbeing and prosperity of audacious and brave people of this country, who may transform egotistic Pakistan into a flourishing and educated Pakistan.

IELTS Trainer by profession & founder of Hidden Intellectuals, a forum which will transform our die-hard society with the help of society, family and educational institutes.