An Australian service light armored vehicle drives through Tangi Valley, Afghanistan, March 29. The terrain of Tangi Valley is notoriously rough, but the ASLAV maneuvers across it with ease, said Australian army Lt. McLeod Wood, a troop leader for 2nd Cavalry Regiment, Mentoring Task Force 2, Combined Team Uruzgan.
An Australian service light armored vehicle drives through Tangi Valley, Afghanistan.

Rugged and void of vegetation,beautified with mountains, overcome by harsh climate, and most of all, filled with an Islam-loving local community, Afghanistan consists of various tribes which practice agriculture and trade to earn livelihood. The majority considers Quran as an ultimate code of life. However, the crucial point is that this nation has been facing a “bullet and barrel” from intruders;who come with fraud and deception, chanting the slogan of improvement and social welfare.

An RPG assault resulted in four casualties in Bagram Air Base, recently. Such news is very frequent nowadays. Thearmy corpses in caskets would be taken back encapsulated in American flag, adding fuel to the agitation,chaos, strikes and cries of this lost war back in America.

On the other hand, trilateral talks are engulfing Doha;the capital of Qatar. Pakistan,USA and Afghanistan are engaged in talks with the Afghan Taliban on official grounds. Karzai has pulled back formally because when Taliban opened their office, they named it as the ‘Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’, a pathetic excuse, showing the fuming frustration of the Karzai government.

Each and every nation which is involved in these talks has its own priorities.Afghanistan’s puppet regime will have to stick on terms and conditions due to the fear of backlash of Taliban.Pakistan needs a peaceful neighbour who respects its territorial integrity. USA’s top priority would be a safe exit from this quagmire as she has lost a lot of capital both of humans and dollars; the Americans have faced the supreme tactics of Afghan guerrilla warfare,which they have failed to counter even with latest technology and fully equipped troops.

It was the end of nineteenth century, 1896, when British assaulted Afghanistan and sowed the seeds of political instability and crisis.As the East India Company entered into the sub-continent and started different tactics to usurp the Mughal Empire, they adopted a lot of methodologies to spew hate among different factions of Muslims as well, damaging the social fabric into tatters. The British gave birth to new era of bloodshed,killing,ransom,arson,looting and a series of crimes particularly on the Muslim community.In 1857, the War of Independence was fought which the natives of sub-continent lost. The major cities, communication tools, and local governance were captured by the invaders now. The Hindu community surrendered to the British Empire as early as they could, for safeguarding their future.

But Muslims were considered more alien as they resisted fearlessly and because they had ruled the sub-continent for a thousand years. They had their own independent Divine laws which they considered supreme and not in need of any improvement.

These steps culminated valour of the British, hence they decided to go ahead into the Afghan belt instead of limiting their borders. Missions were designed carefully by the Royal intelligence and the troops moved towards Afghanistan resulting in bloody encounters. Invaders were equipped with the latest technology of that time and they killed innocent Afghans as much as they could. Afghans also responded with conventional weapons which they had. Nevertheless, the Afghans managed to give a fatal blow to the Royal advancement. A lot of war booty was left and hence no time was spared for invaders to even collect the corpses of their personnel. In short, they had lost miserably.

However, this disgusting drama created by the British started a situation of political instability in the years to come for Afghanistan. A sort of friction emerged between the civil and military leadership resulting into assassination of politicians and army office-bearers in Afghanistan. The socio-economic scenario was murky.

In the mid of twentieth century, the cold war erupted between the communist ideology of Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) and capitalist front led by United States of America (USA). The world was changed into two poles and communism was spreading with fast pace. We can claim that the superpower of this period was USSR, both ideologically and economically. Both the nations were enhancing their nuclear stockpiles exponentially for demoralizing each other. There was a complete absence of trust between these two, resulting in a mischievous spy-game that claimed many lives.

In 1978, the communist ideology oriented the ‘Peoples Democratic Party of Afghanistan’ which usurped the government from the previous regime. There were two groups in this party which were operating against each other. A lot of bloodshed, assassinations and civil fights were seen. USSR was pouring its financial and logistical aid into Afghanistan to keep its political clout in the region in order to meet its national interests. Soon, the perfect time for an invasion by the “red army” into Afghanistan came, as expected by many.

There were a lot of Soviet dreams waiting to be fulfilled.They had planned to annihilate Afghanistan and then ultimately steal Balochistan, in order to reach the hot waters of Arabian Sea, as USSR faced the portion of ocean which remained frozen most of the year, limiting sea transport of crude oil and industrial products. Furthermore they wanted to explore the oil and gold reserves of Afghanistan and Balochistan.

In 1960 an important event happened; the U-2 Incident. The Russian troops bombed a spy plane which was hovering in their territory for espionage activities.Its pilot was captured alive. A lot of photos and movies were discovered, which had information about Russian military bases.This spy plane was traced back into a military base located in Budhber, near Peshawar. The base was run by Americans to watchdog the Russian military activities. The event spoiled our relations with USSR and created friction in an already fragile relationship. Khurusheve, the Russian president of that time gave weight to this event.

On the other side of globe, Vietnam was facing a civil war.The country had been divided into two blocks-North Vietnam was supported by USSR, China and other communist countries, whilst South Vietnam was supported by USA and anti-communist countries. Americans plunged into the war and landed their troops into the Southern part in order to crush the communist faction. This war was fought from 1955-1965. Americans faced huge losses of capital and human resource.It was this simmering blood which America wanted Russia to pay for.

After the 1965 war between India and Pakistan, USA had imposed different sorts of sanctions and embargoes on Pakistan due to which Pakistan’s Nuclear program was getting disturbed, having been initiated in the era of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto after the Indian nuclear tests by the name of “Smiling Buddha” in 1974. India was purchasing high-fi weapons from Russia as both of them had cordial relations. Pakistan, therefore, needed some sort of preparation by purchasing weapons of sophisticated origin. Pakistan was fearful that with the alliance of Russia,India will definitely destabilise Pakistan’s porous border with Afghanistan.

Hence the then ruler of Pakistan, Zia-ul-Haq, adopted the strategy of killing two birds with one stone. It was in the national interest of local Muslims in Pakistan to fight that war to keep borders safe from infidels and it was also obligatory to help our Muslim brethren outside the country. The obligation of Jihad was given attention to and a new tale of sacrifice and combat awoke the sleeping Muslim Ummah. This message emanated from the Noble Quran and reminded Muslims of the Glorious history of Muslims and the life of Muhammad (SAW).

The Red Army had arrived into Afghanistan to fulfil their hidden aims. Pakistani army received bail-out package and some logistical support from USA as well, for their own national interests. Mujahideen poured from around the world which were financed and trained by Pakistani forces. They fought a brave war for about 10 years in guerrilla warfare style, which proved very effective in front of tanks and heavy artillery. In this “Kill and Run” strategy, a professional army with an efficient air force is of no use. Finally, in 1988, the Geneva Accord was signed between the USA, USSR, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

USSR has been reduced into Russia, now. It is no longer USSR. It broke into different states currently known as the Central Asian states; most of which are Muslim-Dominated countries. The Russian stock exchange had fallen and the Rouble was no longer a major currency of the world. The Red Army retreated back with shame and sheer loss.

Between 1989 and 1993, Afghanistan plunged into a civil war and Najibullah was appointed as the president of Afghanistan. During 1995-1996, Taliban formed a government named as “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan”. They were covertly supported by Pakistan. However, the Northern-Alliance was supported and financed by Iran because they both had ideological similarities. These discrepancies between the two factions remained till the fall of Kabul in 2001.

USA, Sep 2001: International relations took a U-turn when the Twin Towers, also known as the World Trade Centre buildings, were turned into ashes by hijacked aeroplanes from US soil. When the dots were connected, the signs moved towards Afghanistan, as propagated by the USA establishment and the media.

When the Americans failed in Vietnam, they bombed Cambodia as a scapegoat of her failure. This is what is happening with Pakistan. By using local groups and separatist movements, the US is trying to create discontent within Pakistan.

Soon after the attack, the USA administration took the decision to attack Afghanistan. There were a lot of objectives behind this attack as well- to keep a watchdog on expanding ambitions of China, to counter Iran which pursues its nuclear ambitions for creating a regional influence, and create pressure on Middle East and Israel as well. The Americans also had plans to destabilise Pakistan by instigating a separatist movement in Balochistan via the native groups and foreign agencies. RAW and Mossad were and are, to this day,her cohorts in this agenda. Afghanistan was thus an ideal location for USA.

US Exit

At first, they managed to snatch a few successes, but eventually, the scenario proved to be the same as what was with the British and USSR troops in the past. The hunt for “terrorists” was just a cover story, which hid an ugly agenda- an agenda which is nothing more than a wishful fantasy for US now. USA has failed with all her NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) allies. The Obama administration has planned to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan but managing to pull-out military installments is yet another challenge!

When the Americans failed in Vietnam, they bombed Cambodia as a scapegoat of her failure.This is what is happening with Pakistan. By using local groups and separatist movements, the US is trying to create discontent within Pakistan. It is trying its level best to create anarchy and chaos by encouraging suicide-bombings within marketplaces, Masaajid, and Military compounds.