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We at www.groundzero.pk intend to bring you the true epicentres of the events and tell you the story of the real courageous Pakistan that has the might and bravery of shackling and containing the greatest of storms notwithstanding what the enemy has in its stores. Our rise is imminent as we seek the help of the true helper, Allah. We intend to uplift our fellow Pakistanis to become the ultimate intelligentsia to cope up with what this great nation faces. We are the most powerful country in the Islamic world and we possess the courage to face the vilest of enemies with the mightiest clout and the most ingenious strategies.

Our aim is to:

  • provide a true and positive narrative of Pakistan
  • negate the negative aspects highlighted by some elements in Pakistan and provide factual and positive analysis
  • bring the latest from Kashmir and spread awareness about the legitimate struggle against India & its oppression
  • analyse the defense and security situation of Pakistan, South Asia, Middle-East & beyond
  • strategically analyse various issues faced by Pakistan and the region
  • provide News & worthwhile reads picked by the editor

Why “Ground Zero”?

Ground Zero, a term that is in these times mainly referred to the site where September 11, 2001, attacks on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre took place but was previously coined for the place directly under a nuclear detonation or the area that undergoes the most damage. 9/11, the ignition point of War on Terror, completely changed the course of history. Trillions would be spent and millions of lives would be lost during the later years, avenging those innocent souls lost in the 9/11 attacks by the terrorists.

Consequently, by October 2001 US-NATO Alliance began bombing Afghanistan in search of Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda. 15 years of war resulted in the defeat of Allied Forces, trillions of dollars wasted and countless innocent people died. But amidst all of this who took the bullet? Who continues to bleed so that justice can be brought to the enemies of humanity? Who took the blame of being called a terror state rather than being appreciated for bringing to task the real terrorists?

It was Pakistan that facilitated the real defeat of the Soviet Union which broke its massive empire into shreds of miserable existence. Yet again merely 13 years later Pakistan was on the frontline battling terror. The menace this time has various faces, colours, and creeds. On one side are the terrorists disguised as being Muslim but having nothing to do with even the basic tenants of Islam and on the other side are the enemies beyond the borders sometimes cloaked with friendship and other times with secrecy exercising their sinister motives through clandestine activities.

Pakistan has bled and it has been inflicted with countless wounds through drone strikes, suicide attacks and bombings in public places, schools, and masjids. Its portrayal as a rogue nation is downright arrogance against the successes it has achieved in countering the enemy tactics. We are the nation that has risen tearing apart layers upon layers of terror despite being the true ground zero.